Kristine JarmanDirector, Apple Festival Queen Pageant – Young Adult Etiquette Class
Marcy takes the time to observe the strengths and weaknesses of her students. She makes it very clear that the feedback is not personal but for the purpose of self-growth and improvement. One of the best ways she conveys this is through accounts of her personal experience. I have personally watched teenage girls change their articulation, demeanor and posture while listening to Marcy present interview skills. Her ability to gain respect and trust from her audience produces immediate results that are retained after the lesson.Marcy’s etiquette lesson is a must for any one. It gives you the knowledge and understanding of formal and informal table settings and provides situational examples focused on those present. The applicability and retention of the lesson truly makes it a class that will last a lifetime.
Caroline Dowd-HigginsSpeaker, Author, Executive Coach, Media Host
The essence of etiquette is empowering people with confidence and this very important skill can’t be taught early enough. Marcy has a passion for helping young people play to their strengths. Her etiquette expertise is delivered in a fun and actionable way to help young people communicate well and navigate social and professional scenarios with ease. In our digital world, eye contact and personal connection are often minimized and Marcy is preserving this essential human interaction and the social graces so they do not become extinct.
Karen BurnettYoung Adult Etiquette Class
I have had the pleasure of attending etiquette lessons presented by Marcy Cook on different occasions. Marcy has a passion for etiquette and I believe her lessons provide the opportunity for sharing that passion as well as enabling a better community through sharing of kindness and grace. I feel she believes that proper etiquette provides an individual with the knowledge needed to enable ease at any social event. The etiquette lessons are presented in a sweet, lighthearted manner that are the tone for a fun, yet educational lesson. I happily recommend this class and hope that many will have the opportunity to learn from her knowledge and experience.
Dawn SullivanCounselor, Eastern Greene School – Young Adult Etiquette Class
Marcy is a leader and is able to communicate with people a lot younger and older than her and has proven to be positive and friendly while doing so. This adaptability makes her teaching skills ideal. There is no audience that she cannot cater to. Her etiquette training for middle school aged students far surpassed any expectations I had during her leadership in One Girl Can Change the World Program at Eastern Middle School. Marcy has proven herself to be a loyal and dedicated individual in both her life and community. She is a person who leads by example. Many look up to her and are inspired by her work ethic and dedication.
Georgia DavisDirector, Monroe Co Fair Queen Pageant – Young Adult Etiquette Class
The Monroe County Fair has had the privilege of Marcy Cook hosting the Queen’s Tea for the past 5 years. Marcy has taught many young women their value of polishing their social skills. Marcy’s presentations have included introductions, the important of the handshake, eye contact and building self-confidence. They girls have also learned dining etiquette, including the proper use of the cutlery and table setting. She has covered the important of thank you notes, and various other skills to help grow the young ladies in the professional and future endeavors. We are fortunate to have such a great mentor in our community.
Miss Bethany Stanger2017 Fair Queen –Young Adult Etiquette Class
Mrs. Cook helps coordinate the Queen’s Tea each year for the Monroe County Fair Queen Contest. I have been able to attend the past two Queen’s teas and am looking forward to attending out next tea at Queen! This is a wonderful event that allows young ladies to get to know other young people from around the community while hearing from great speakers. The program reinforced the important of kindness, humility, positivity and gratitude.