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Marcy Cook

Instructor & Co-Founder of Mindset Etiquette

Previously an auditor and tax accountant at Deloitte &Touche, LLC and Ernst & Young, LLC, respectively, and a tax accountant for COOK Group, Inc., Marcy has twenty years of experience in the corporate world. In this time, Marcy travelled extensively in the US and a few foreign countries. After leaving public accounting, Marcy met her husband and had the opportunity to pursue her passion in mentoring teens and serving as a volunteer at multiple non-profit agencies. During this time, she observed a basic need amongst many very successful people, as well as young adults, for etiquette improvement, and a new idea was created.

Marcy is co-founder of Mindset Etiquette and is a certified etiquette instructor. She has always admired proper etiquette and the way it increases self-awareness and builds self-confidence. It is Marcy’s passion to share her knowledge of proper etiquette so everyone can gain more personal growth in their social and business environment no matter the age.

Marcy is also founder of Placed for Purpose where she began by providing Christian mentoring. The organization has since transitioned into a non-profit that provides various opportunities for foster and underprivileged children.