About Us

We believe that personal success and growth stems from a positive mindset – which begins with practicing proper manners and etiquette. While etiquette is a big part of designing a beautiful home and life, it also gives you the confidence to navigate any social situation.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.– Clarence Thomas

Together we will help you learn more about the important rules of etiquette and manners, help you to become more organized, and/or provide decorating advice to create a beautiful space for you.

Beauty and the Beast Tea with Belle

Inside Topos 403, “Be Our Guest” Cardinal Stage presents Beauty and the Beast Tea with Belle.

View two of our videos that 1) shows the layout of the event at Topos 403 and 2) a short tutorial of how to fold a napkin into a beautiful rose.

Why Mindset Etiquette

we are the

The Best in class

Our team members are all certified etiquette instructors with a passion to help adults and kids better understand etiquette and manners.

We strive to

make you feel confident

We strive to be thought leaders within our industry to distill a passion for others to pursue proper etiquette and manners confidently.

we love to

give back to the community

Community is one of our core pillars at Mindset Etiquette. Community and relationships are big parts of our etiquette and manners workshops.

Caroline Dowd-HigginsSpeaker, Author, Executive Coach, Media Host
The essence of etiquette is empowering people with confidence and this very important skill can’t be taught early enough. Marcy has a passion for helping young people play to their strengths. Her etiquette expertise is delivered in a fun and actionable way to help young people communicate well and navigate social and professional scenarios with ease. In our digital world, eye contact and personal connection are often minimized and Marcy is preserving this essential human interaction and the social graces so they do not become extinct.